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Here in the Scotch-Irish section of UlsterHeritage we shall bring to our readers the very latest up to date research on the Ulster Scots. It will surprise some to discover that the Scotch-Irish have more depth and complexity within their society than is normally portrayed.

There is a tendency among the media and even some historians to apply shallow stereotypes to the Scotch-Irish and to marginalize their history. There is even a tendency now within the media to portray the Scotch-Irish in a very negative manner. The Scotch-Irish and their accomplishments are far too impressive and important to allow this state of affairs to continue. For this reason, we will be posting articles and essays here that will inform and educate our readers about the real Scotch-Irish, all their facets and complexities.

You will find much here about the Lowland Presbyterian Scots that participated in the 17th Century Ulster Plantation, but here you will also encounter aspects Scotch-Irish history that are not commonly known nor written about, some examples:

  • There were Lowland Catholic Scots that were part of the Plantation of Ulster that settled on the Hamilton’s lands in Tyrone.

  • Redshank Scots from the Highlands and Hebrides migrated to Ulster in larger numbers well before the Plantation, circa 1450 to 1600.

  • Manx Gaels set up fishing villages in east Ulster in the 1700s and participated in the migrations from Ulster.

  • Huguenots from France were an important part of the Ulster Plantation society.

  • There was an Ulster Migration into Canada in the 1800s that was larger than the migration to Colonial America of the 1700s.

  • The term Scotch-Irish was already in use by the mid 1500s.

Other themes will include Lallans and Irish and how both these languages are parts of the Scotch-Irish story. We will have articles on the Presbyterian Church, and it will surprise some, but we will also have articles on Quaker, Anglican, and Catholic Scotch-Irish. Here you will also find American Indians, Border English, Welsh, and old Southwest Spanish, as all of these played a part in the Scotch-Irish history.

Our goal is simple, to present the real and compete story on the Scotch-Irish, their amazing accomplishments, all their history, right into the 21st Century.

Suggestions are welcomed and please visit these pages often. Donations to UlsterHeritage are welcomed and very appreciated; they allow us to do this project.

Barry R McCain
© 2009

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