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Anraith neantóg – Nettle Soup

CAUTION: Nettles can cause blisters or stinging!! See BelowNettle Print For Sale

4 cups chopped nettle leaves (or scallions)
1 cup pearl barley
1 lb. Sliced potatoes
1 large, chopped leek
½ cup butter
4 1/3 cups chicken stock
2/3 cup cream
salt & pepper to taste

Heat the butter in a pan, add the chopped nettles or scallions and leek. Cook 5-10 minutes but do not brown. Add potatoes, barley and stock. Simmer over low fire for 1 hour. Liquidize the soup, return it to heat, season with salt & pepper to taste. Add the cream and serve hot.

Serves 4-6

Nettle soup is very popular especially in the spring when the nettles are young and tender. The nettle contains a lot of iron and is said to improve the complexion. In the past, they were given to children who had measles. Cut them with scissors before the end of May, otherwise, they will be tough.

Nettle leaves can raise blisters on the skin. Therefore, gloves should be worn when gathering them.

Nettle Print Available                                  

Courtesy of Joe McKane, Tennessee

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