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Newsletter - 09 March 2009

This newsletter is a forum for announcing items of interest and new content on UlsterHeritage.com and its associated websites.
All the items have a Clickable Link as the heading/title which directs you to the complete article/item.
You will find this issue much shorter than the first as it is only new items from the last week.


We Promise -
  •  to send the newsletter no more than once per week. We hate SPAM just as much as you!

  •  to keep each issue concise and to-the-point using only headings containing a link and a brief description of the item .

  •  to offer an opt out feature on every newsletter which will remove your email from our list immediately without fuss or muss!

Content Wanted

We appreciate new content of interest to UlsterHeritage users at any time. Please send your item to Jim McKane

  • UH Clans
    • If your Clan has a website and it is not listed on this page, please drop us a note with the URL.
    • New clans added this week include Cassidy, Doherty, McShane, O’Neill, O’More
  • UH Ebooks
    • There are five different Ebooks that are instantly downloadable in full-text searchable format available.
    • UH is also seeking authors interested in placing their publications in our Ebooks section. There are no up-front costs for this service.
  • Scots-Irish

  • Barry R. McCain continues add interesting and intriguing articles to the UH Mag. Two of the most recent are:-

    • Saint Columba Medal
      • Celtic metal worker and artist, Garth Duncan, who lives on the Isle of Skye, celebrates the Cetlic Saints with the creation of two medallions to honour Saint Columba and Saint Maelrubha.
Ulster Heritage Forum
An Ulster Heritage Forum has begun. On this forum, there are discussions about Ulster DNA as well as Surname Forums.
You may request a forum for your own surname.
Click on this link - Ulster Heritage Forum
to view/and/or join the forum.

The Ulster Heritage DNA Project continues to grow very rapidly. The Project continues to unite previously unknown "cousins" and often is crossing heritage frontiers in unexpected ways. The growth has not been unexpected as there are so many descendants of Ulster researching their heritage. The size of the database is becoming almost unmanageable. Therefore, the Project will soon need to be divided into sub-groupings. The Project is at Ulster Heritage DNA Project.
Ulster Genealogy Blog
UH has begun a new blog with a goal of "spreading the word" about new and existing Ulster Genealogy research information. The "blogmistress" of Ulster Genealogy is the newest member of the UH team, Linda Merle. Linda is well-known in Ulster and Scots-Irish research circles for her knowledge of the subject. Read Linda's articles and comment on them at Ulster Genealogy.
Ulster Heritage Travel
A new section for Ulster Heritage Travel will be added to UlsterHeritage.com very soon. If you have any Ulster travel related stories or articles, we would like to hear from you. You may also be aware of Ulster organizations or companies that would like to expand there horizons by being seen on UH - mention UH to them!
Editor's Comments
Your UlsterHeritage Team is working diligently to bring you the best assistance, information and websites possible. We receive no remuneration for our efforts. Our only source of revenue to help cover the costs of these services comes from our advertisers. Please help expand UH by supporting our advertisers.

Thank you for reading,
Jim McKane, Editor

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