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O'More Clan Society

The O'More Clan Society was formed to promote the interests of all O'More, O'More, O'Mordha, O'Moore, More, Moor, Moore, Moir, Morey, and other fine Irish families.

Under various spellings of the name in Ireland, the More,O'More or O'Moore family can be traced to Ireland and Moore can be traced to English and French origins. 'Moore' is an English spelling for which the Irish O'MoresO'More Crest were forced to take. It can well be said that the name Moore was given to English families to confuse the Clan O'More in Ireland. Clan O'More was a very powerful Irish clan, a clan the English hated. English families with the name Moore began to settle in the province of Munster in the 12th century. Their name is said to stem from the word 'moor', meaning "strong mountain".

Being the 20th most popular name in Ireland and among the top 40 names in England, the name is well represented.

The ancient Irish family of the name descends from O'Mordha (meaning majestic). The ancestor from whence they sprung was Conal Cearnach one of the Red Branch knights of Irish history.

The O'Mores were the leading tribe of the "7 Septs of Leix". They fought hard to keep Ireland free from invaders and many died. In 1609 the English transplanted the remnant of the clan to Co. Kerry, around Tarbert in hopes they would die. Still many returned to their ole grounds in Co' Leix. Keatings History says that St.Fintan is our patron saint.

Burkes Landed Gentry (1912 a.d.), gives over 10 families of the name that claimed Scottish or English roots. There are 13 families.

The spelling of Moore is found in the 17th and 19th century in counties Antrim and Dublin. "Moor" is found in 1659 as a principal name of Kings county as well. McMore has been found in Offaly and Kildare, while O'More is said to have originated in Kerry, Down, and Leix. "Moore" is 11th on the list of names in the U.S.A. today.

The Moores of Moore Hall, Co. Mayo, came from Alicante, Spain, but were originally from England. Moore was also the name of the Earls of Drogheda. The Moores of Barmeath settled in Ireland from at least the 14th century. The Moore family of Barne, Co. Tipperary originally settled in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary around 1635.

The O'More Clan Society

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